last update: Dec 28th, 2018.

CitySpeed: A Crowdsensing Platform for Monitoring of Vehicular Speeds

Crowdsensing technologies have allowed large-scale data to be collected through mobile devices as smartphones, mostly in a transparent and ubiquitous way. Actually, the process of collecting and analyzing information about vehicles is fundamental for understanding problems and finding solutions, especially in urban areas, better supporting more efficient mobility in modern cities.

This is a public general-purpose tool for collecting and visualizing vehicular speeds, which can then be exploited by any additional application. This is performed through a mobile software application that collects the average instantaneous speed through the GPS sensor present in smartphones, as well as a well-structured database and a web-based comprehensive interface.

Allowing the use of many different filters and supporting data exporting in the JSON format, it is expected that commercial restrictions imposed by popular services as Waze and Google Maps can be overcome, strongly supporting smart city initiatives in this area.

Visualization module of the framework